Imagining for Community


In the recent annual “Flourishing” survey the BUV sent all churches, we scored relatively well in the areas of community engagement, justice, and connectedness, but we did not do so well in the areas of our inner community life, our growth in discipleship and spirituality.

The deacons considered this at their retreat and felt that the next couple of months would be a good time for the whole church to engage in asking some significant questions about the way we share life and faith together at Westgate. Are we on the threshold of something new? Is God inviting us to change and renewal?

The resources below are shared to assist us to explore such questions together over the coming month or so.

Download the listening booklet.

Anne Wilkinson-Hayes – On the THreshold

The sermon begins at around 00:26:35.

Jono Ingram – Placemaking in Aintree

Miriam, Steve, and Mark – the Community of the Transfiguration

Jude Waldron – Armadale Baptist Community arts hub and garden

Paul Mitchell – Soul Picnic

Soul Picnic: Introduction

Left: Emmanuel Garibay, Emmaus, 2000. Oil on canvas, 60.96 x 91.44 cm. Private collection.

Right: Harry Nankin, The End of the Age of Entitlement, 2014, Pigment ink-jet print on archival cotton paper, 123 x 105 cm. Artist's collection.

Neville Taylor – Reflections from Susan Beaumont