The Kingdom of God is at the heart of Jesus’ message.

The Kingdom of God is about this lifetime, not only a place to go when you die. The Kingdom of God is God’s dream for the world, here and now. We believe God’s dream for the world is a dream of peace and justice.

Some of the ways we live in the Kingdom of God include:

  • Peace with God’s creation - the big solar panels on the roof reduce our carbon footprint. Behind our church, you will find a community garden.
  • Justice for refugees - most of the people who worship at Westgate on a Sunday are refugees from Burma. We also work for justice for asylum seekers.
  • Justice for indigenous people -‘Exploring First Peoples’ is a group meeting to increase understanding of the story and experience of Australia’s first people. We support the Footscray Aboriginal Church and acknowledge special times of the year such as Reconciliation week, Sorry Day and NAIDOC week.
    We are deeply conscious of the profound injustices of our history and the present situation of many indigenous communities and their people, and the complexity and magnitude of the challenge.
    We invite you to prayerfully journey with us in this commitment.
  • Solidarity with persecuted Christians - at Christmas and Easter some members worship with Orthodox Christians from the Middle East.