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Westgate Baptist is committed to providing a safe physical and emotional environment for children, safe from all forms of abuse.

  1. All leaders and volunteers involved with children in a church related activity are required to have a Working with Children Check.
  2. Procedure for reporting sexual abuse:
    1. Report to the Police. The law states that “Any adult who forms a reasonable belief that a sexual offence has been committed by an adult against a child under 16 has an obligation to report that information to the police. Failure to do so is a criminal offence.” A “reasonable belief” exists when:
      • a child states they have been sexually abused
      • a child states they know someone who has been sexually abused
      • someone who knows a child states that the child has been sexually abused
    2. Report to Westgate’s “Safe Church Concerns Person” (the Pastor) or the BUV’s “Professional Standards Worker” and complete the Risk of Significant Harm Form or the Safe Church Concerns Anecdotal Record Form.
  3. Photos and videos of children under 18 are not to be taken without the written consent of parents.

These requirements are based on The Safe Church Manual of the Baptist Union of Victoria (2014) and the legislation of the Victorian Government’s Commission for Children and Young People (2016).

The Deacons

September, 2016

Westgate’s beginnings

Westgate Baptist Community is a Baptist Church that was formed from the coming together of three smaller Baptist Churches in 1982. This followed a special report on the Baptist Churches and needs in the Western Suburbs. The report was written by Ross Langmead, sponsored by BUV. Ross and his wife Alison moved to the area to establish a small group and work with South Kingsville and Yarraville Baptist churches.

After several years of work and cooperation a new Baptist Community was formed by members from each of Yarraville, Kingsville and South Kingsville Baptist Churches. Westgate Baptist Community was constituted in 1982.  The focus of the community was to witness to the Good News of Jesus in the local area, which had a large sector of disadvantaged and working class people, and a limited availability of community services.

A number of couples and individuals from Eastern suburbs churches moved across to join the existing members of Yarraville, Kingsville and South Kingsville churches. They were attracted by a more radical approach to Christian community and justice, and to reaching out to the people in the local area.

During the 1980’s several innovative projects were initiated (housing, employment training, health clinic, community development). Some of these continue independently to this day. Some links to these organisations are included on the links page.

The call to live as community was taken very seriously. The church was solidly based on a network of active small groups which grew and multiplied. There were even a few close proximity ‘housing communities’ formed during this time.

Westgate Today

Since the mid nineties, Westgate has entered into a new phase of its life as the demographics of the area have changed. The mission projects initiated in the eighties all became completely independent entities with their own ethos and business structure.  In the early 2000's our engagement with ethnic Karen and Chin refugees from Burma developed as a major part of our mission.

We see the challenge ahead to re-strengthen our connections with the local area and continue to be relevant and vital as followers of the Way of Jesus in the local and broader contexts.

We worship together on Sunday mornings and seek to include the culturally and linguistically diverse nature of our congregation and neighbourhood. Our small group and gathered life continues to be an expression of our sense of the hospitality of God.

We have a lively bunch of children and youth in all age groups and we are committed to teaching and helping them explore Christian faith through our Sunday teaching times, youth groups and mentoring and involvement in ‘hands on’ mission.

A more detailed description of Westgate’s Milestones from 1982-2012 has been prepared.

Since 2014 teams from Westgate Baptist Community have visited Malaysia to volunteer in schools run by Chin refugees from Burma (Myanmar). Because refugee children in Malaysia cannot attend government schools, refugee communities run their own schools.

Each year we hope to arrange two visits to the refugee schools and support agencies. Depending on participant’s skills we teach English, write funding applications, fix computers or teach violin!

Through our fund raising we buy text books for the refugee students, help to fund teacher’s salaries, school lunches, and associated school costs.

In preparation for one of our visits, students at St Therese’s Catholic Primary School wrote and performed a song for the refugees in Malaysia. You can watch them sing on YouTube: ‘Light the Dark’


We are part of the Baptist Union of Victoria:

We support Global Interaction, the Baptist missionary agency:

We give to Baptist World Aid, the aid and development agency of Baptist churches in

Westgate Baptist Community established Westgate Community Initiatives Group (WCIG) in 1989. WCIG is now an independent body, but the relationship between us continues:

Westgate Health Coop was also established by Westgate Baptist Community. It operates independently and continues to provide a wide range of health services for local residents. There are clinics located in South Kingsville and Newport:

You can support Westgate Baptist Community with your financial giving in various ways:

Directly to the Church Community

If you are a member or worship at Westgate you can arrange to give your regular offering by direct bank transfer rather than the weekly offering plate. The details are:

Bank details

Please email our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the information about your gift including your contact details.

Alternatively cheques can be made out to: “Westgate Baptist Community” and mailed to:

Westgate Baptist Community
PO Box 100
Kingsville Vic. 3012

Economic Sharing

Westgate Community can address some local needs via its Economic Sharing Fund.  This fund is able to support people in necessitous circumstances through a DGR eligible (“tax deductible”) fund.

Westgate’s ABN is  80 694 812 731

Mission  (Adopted July 2011)

Following the Way of Jesus together:
   welcoming all
      practising compassion
         nurturing faith and hope
            striving for justice
               here in Yarraville
                   and for the Earth.

Vision and Values

Inclusion and Identity

We invite everyone to share in God’s grace with us and participate in our community and worship life. This includes, but is not limited to, believers and doubters, women, men and children; people of all races and cultures, of all classes and abilities, of all sexual orientations; people who have lost hope and those who hope for a better world.

a.  Everyone is invited to share bread and wine in Jesus’ name. This ritual reflects the ancient vision of God’s feast for all people. We regularly participate in this joyful and powerful expression of God’s grace and inclusiveness.

b.  Through the practice of baptism and voluntary, covenanted membership, we encourage public commitment to following the Way of Jesus in our community.

c.  We value our Baptist identity and heritage – especially the values of non-conformity, social justice, freedom of conscience, community decision-making, local autonomy and the benefit of strong association.

Justice and Engagement

We strive for peace and justice among all people; we work to protect and restore the integrity of God’s creation; and we strive to bring hope to those Jesus called the least of his sisters and brothers.

a.    We challenge and encourage one another to engage in the work God has called us to do, as individuals and collectively.
b.    We recognise that the Way of Jesus is costly and entails selfless love, resistance to evil and renunciation of privilege.
c.    We question and, when we believe it is necessary, challenge our society’s structures and values.
d.    We respond practically to injustice and suffering in the local area and the wider world.
e.    We strive to live sustainably in a world of finite resources.
f.    We are committed to sharing our faith with all people, maintaining an attitude of respect for the faith and integrity of individuals and communities.

Faith and Spirituality

We are committed to developing a transforming relationship with God through personal responses to Jesus’ invitation to follow him.

a.    We are committed to developing our faith through active learning, reflection and spiritual practice.
b.    We affirm that faith is an ongoing journey of discovery. We find more grace in the search for understanding than we do in dogmatic certainty.
c.    We focus on the Bible as our sacred text through which we hear the word of God, and we seek to understand its message in its historical, cultural and social contexts.
d.    We are committed to helping our children and young people develop their faith. We promote sharing wisdom between elder and younger members as we together seek and discover the Way of Jesus.
e.    We are committed to living out a rhythm of Christian practices such as prayer, hospitality, Sabbath-keeping (gathered worship and recreation), forgiveness, healing, honouring the body, and other life-giving practices.

Community Life and Practice

We affirm that the way we behave toward each other is a powerful expression of the Way of Jesus.

a.    We encourage open, honest and forgiving relationships.
b.    We worship creatively, following the seasons of the Christian year, and inviting everyone to participate.
c.    We value and promote mutual accountability and caring for one another through the building of trust in small groups and relationships.
d.    We care for and value our property as a creative extension of our values, community life and hospitality.



Westgate Baptist Community is a Christian church in Yarraville, in Melbourne’s western suburbs. Our address is 16 High St, Yarraville, Victoria 3012.

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We are inspired by the challenge of Micah, an Old Testament prophet, who called the people of God ‘to do justice, to love kindness and walk humbly with God’ (Micah 6:8)

Jesus embodies this way of living in a unique and challenging way. Many of us have found in Jesus a life-changing relationship that challenges every aspect of our lives. This inspires us to acts of justice and mercy with those in our neighborhoods, our city and in wider society. As followers of Jesus, we can do nothing less.

Westgate's Vision

Following the Way of Jesus together:

  • welcoming all
  • practising compassion
  • nurturing faith and hope
  • striving for justice
  • here in Yarraville
  • and for the Earth.

Worship Times

  • Westgate's Sunday Morning service is 10am each Sunday. 
  • On some special days (Good Friday and Christmas) the service is at 9:30am and may start at another church

Please confirm the time by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in advance.

Leadership Team

A Baptist distinctive is that we have no central hierarchy. While Baptists agree on key Christian doctrines, each Baptist church is self-governing and independent. This means there is great variety between Baptist churches. Major decisions are made by a democratic vote of church members in community meetings.

The congregation at Westgate Baptist Community elects its deacons and appoints its own pastor.

 Rev. Neville Taylor is our pastor.

We are a member church of the Baptist Union of Victoria.

Welcome to Westgate Baptist Community!


We are a multicultural, multi-age, family friendly Christian church in Yarraville, in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

We have a (mainly) English-speaking congregation that worships at 10:00am on Sunday mornings.

We have a Karen-speaking congregation that worships at 1:30pm on Sunday afternoons.